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Daryn Kagan

Daryn Kagan Writer/ Producer, brings you the inspiring story behind the children's book, "Butterfly Kisses & Wishes On Wings." Cousins Ellen McVicker and Nanci Hersh create a book to explain cancer to kids.


There are some phone calls we can never forget. Ellen McVicker will never forget the phone call from her cousin four years ago. Nanci Hersh called to tell her she had breast cancer. Watch our story on 9News.

Chicken Soup for the Soul Magazine

Artist, breast cancer survivor and young mom Nanci Hersh teams with educator Ellen McVicker to create children's book about coping with a loved one's cancer diagnosis


ATLANTICVILLE Long Branch, NJ Take heart. There's hope. And help for anyone who has to explain to a child that someone they love has been diagnosed with cancer.

The Two River Times

Middletown, NJ

Mixed media artist Nanci Hersh, a Middletown resident, has already achieved recognition many artists only dream of exhibitions in Japan, Australia, throughout the United Sates, and even online, as part of the NJ Council on the Arts Virtual Gallery.


New Jersey Jewish News

The work of artist Nanci Hersh has always been a reflection of her experiences, from balancing her role as artist and mother to coming to terms with illness.

Family Groove

You can be/do/have anything you want; but you just can't be/do/have everything you want at least not at the same time. That best describes how I balance my life.

Red Bank Green

The book's illustrations are gouache with watercolor pencil prints of a mom, her son, and a butterfly that serves as a kind of good luck charm. The story explains that cancer is not contagious, not anyone's fault, and having bad feelings about it is normal. Hersh says her threeyearold, Nate, once told his surprised teacher, "My mommy's having surgery; she has bad cells."


Nanci Hersh learned she had breast cancer, she did what she needed to do and her successful fight against the disease and her heartwrenching experience of helping her children understand her illness have become a source of creative energy.