About The Author & The Illustrator

Ellen McVicker
Ellen McVicker - Author

Throughout her professional life, Ellen McVicker has always worked in some capacity with children, parents, educators, and people who were dedicated to the mental health profession. As a master teacher in the field of special education for twenty years, and a kindergarten teacher for four; as well as, the Director of Education for both Charter Hospital of Denver and the Colorado Children's Museum, and Marketing Director for the Centre for Behavioral Health at Denver's Porter Memorial Hospital, Ellen would always find ways to fulfill her true life's passion, lending a voice to any child or parent who did not have the words to say what was needed on their own.

Today, Ellen McVicker lives in Aurora, Colorado with her husband, Tracey, and two of their three boys, Jordan and Chad. Although retired to spend more time with her family, Ellen's heart will always take her to people and places where her voice is needed.

Nanci Hersh
Nanci Hersh - Illustrator

Nanci Hersh's art has always been about people and situations that are close to her heart. Her subjects have included her children and motherhood, her old plantation neighborhood in Hawaii, and her surfing rabbit, just to name a few. Following her diagnosis of breast cancer in 2002 many gifts came Nanci's way, among them, a blank sketchbook from friends, and this story from her cousin. These two gifts began a journey of healing and gratitude which led Nanci to create the illustrations that have become Butterfly Kisses and Wishes on Wings.

Nanci is an award-winning artist, teacher, curator, and advocate for the arts. She has exhibited her work in Japan, Australia, and throughout the United States. Her work is in numerous public and private collections.

Nanci lives in Landenberg, Pennsylvania, with her husband Scott Dight and their two sons, Griffin and Nate.

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