Recover with Angels

Gift Baskets Designed for Those Coping with Cancer, Other Illness, Recovery, Loss, etc.

Embrace the Angel

A website devoted to elevating others by sharing Amber's message of hope, heaven, and the miracle of life & death.

Healing Baskets

Healing Baskets is an online gift and basket company dedicated to 'challenging times.' They offer gifts to send people facing sometimes inevitable life challenges such as loss, illness, cancer diagnosis and treatment, caregiver others, divorce, recovery, pet loss gifts and more. Choose a gift, a premade basket, or build your own gift basket to make it more personal. They also offer advice, taking the fear out of how to handle a situation.


Pink Link Online Breast Cancer Support Network Butterfly Kisses and Wishes on Wings is a listento or readalong book for children who are dealing with a loved one's cancer. The story line, as told through the eyes of a child, gives a simple and honest picture of cancer through its clear text and beautiful illustrations.

PinkLinkis a nonprofit organization which provides an online support resource for women affected by breast cancer. On our website,, women can connect with other women with similar breast cancer issues using the search capabilities of our innovative online database. Our members can create a personal journal, to keep family and friends updated about their treatment and get help from our on staff professionals regarding nutrition, exercise, skin care and alternative medicine. All services provided on our website are completely free. We rely on the generosity of individual donors to fund our organization.

Melanoma Education Foundation

The Melanoma Education Foundation is a nonprofit organization devoted to saving lives from melanoma, a common skin cancer that is often deadly unless detected early before there are any symptoms

The Connection

SUMMIT, NJ - Pathways at The Connection for Women & Families Programs with children in mind and community at heart.

Kids Alive

Wonders and Worries

Emily Allyn

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Urban Baby

Urban Baby DailyBecoming a parent has opened up a whole new world of fears, and all of them center on your kids. One of your most frightening thoughts is "How will my children cope if I get sick?"

Colorado Breast Cancer Resources Directory



Odyssey Healthcare

This site is a helpful guide to the broad range of support resources for people diagnosed with breast cancer and those who care for them. You will find resources in Colorado and beyond.


Skylight is a national charitable trust in New Zealand that supports children, young people and their families/whanau who have been affected by change, loss, trauma and grief - whatever the cause. Our work helps them to live with life's losses, build on their natural resilience, and move forward. Skylight also equips, supports, trains and resources the caregivers, relatives, friends, neighbours, workmates, community groups and professionals caring for them.