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The text of Butterfly Kisses and Wishes On Wings Book was originally written as a gift for my cousin Nanci Hersh, an award winning artist, to help her find the right words to explain her cancer diagnosis to her 3-year-old and 5-year-old boys. Several years after her successful fight with cancer - and some gentle nudging on my part - Nanci agreed to illustrate the text I had written for her boys.

Once our endeavor was complete, we realized that Butterfly Kisses and Wishes On Wings Book had become much more than a simple story. Through clear, candid text, and Nanci's exquisite illustrations, it had evolved into a resource that could be used to educate and support many other children who are facing the cancer of a loved one.

We are pleased that you have chosen our book to help guide you as you teach a child about cancer. We hope that its words and pictures will foster an honest and open dialogue between you and the child listening or reading along. Additionally, we hope that you will see the magic that Butterfly Kisses and Wishes On Wings Book has in bringing children to a clearer understanding of cancer, and the realization that they have great power within themselves to be an active and integral part of their loved one's cancer journey.

With butterfly wishes,
Ellen McVicker

Reader Testimonials

"I believe you have captured the inner most feelings of young children. The clarity of reassurance of the child's safety and his/her remaining an integral part of the nuclear family (under the duress of illness) and being able to contribute to the parent's well being resonates in the prose. Simplicity of explanation is necessary in answering difficult questions that children pose to adults, and you have been successful in doing this with your book. The illustrations are soft, discernible, rich in color and most probably, aligned with children's visualizations of the world in which they live.

I will be using it in my practice as a resource and reference. Unfortunately, I am faced with the issue of a parent's cancer and/or relative's cancer much too frequently in my patient roster.

Congratulations to you and your cousin. You have filled a niche in children's literature that will be welcomed by parents, teachers and therapists."

Shirley MacPherson, Ph.D.
Clinical Therapist/Psychologist
Los Angeles, CA

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